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Ultimate Leader Success Masterclass 

Improve Yourself & Your Team

accelerate your success

The key to success in any leadership position is to train for success. Just like athletes do. This masterclass focuses on sharpening your skills at building trust and influence, connecting with people, problem-solving, handling tough situations, boosting team results, achieving goals, and more—skills that will accelerate your success... even at home.

What's Included in the Ultimate Leader Success masterclass?

This Masterclass shows you step-by-step how to recognize and conquer your leadership challenges.

Online Lessons

The Ultimate Leader Masterclass is online, fully self-contained, and available to you 24/7, so you can work at your pace and schedule.

360º Assessment

The Ultimate Leader 360º assessment is a powerful tool to learn more about yourself, your team members, and your family and friends.

Action Plans

Downloadable Ultimate Leadership interactive workbook that's full of easy to complete action plans designed to boost and accelerate leadership performance.

Modules Inside Ultimate Leader Success Masterclass

  • Building Trust and Engaging Hearts and Minds
  • Connecting with Anyone, Even Difficult People
  • Resolving Conflicts and Misunderstandings 
  • Discovering What Motivates Each Team Member 
  • Clarifying Expectations and What Right Looks like
  • Creating a Culture of Commitment

68 Videos and 360º Assessment

The Ultimate Leader online course produces proven results and we stand behind it 100%. 

  • Lifetime Access to 68 brief and to the point videos
  • Unlimited use of our online 360º assessment  
  • Full access to Our Motivational Needs Assessment

Learn to apply Acquired Knowledge

Use the masterclass action plan workbook to integrate your new leadership skills into your workflow.

  • Action plans keep you on track
  • Action plans enhance new skill implementation
  • Action plans increase job performance, yours and your teams


why are we the best choice for you?

Lifelong experience in training

Over 25 years specializing in leadership, performance coaching, and business consulting with hundreds of companies, government agencies, and universities.

Thousands of satisfied students 

The Ultimate Leader Masterclass has continually evolved and been tested with over 30,000 leaders in hundreds of companies and has become their go-to System for leadership success.

Unique learning formula that ensures results

Keep it simple. Make learning and applying what you learn easy by; separating the training into two components; leadership skills and management skills; teach skills in sequential order; and reinforce with action plan worksheets. This proven step-by-step learning formula ensures implementation and outstanding results.


Hi, I'm Dr. Mary Kay

Entrepreneur | Author | Leadership Success Coach

" Over 30,000 leaders have used the Ultimate Leader Masterclass to boost their personal and career success. I hope you'll join me online in the Ultimate Leader Success course. 

If you make the decision to trust me to be your leadership coach throughout this learning experience — I won't let you down.

Enjoy every moment as you uncover the Ultimate Leader within!"

Dr Mary Kay


Read what our students Had to say

"Dr. Mary Kay was a driving force in the successful implementation of a managed culture change at our plant. Her training was relevant, energetic, and easily understood throughout every level of the organization. She was always accessible for questions or help when needed and followed up to ensure that her program was having the intended results. I would recommend her training to any individual or organization."

Rhonda Rallios, Quality Assurance Manager

Dan Abitz President

"Mary Kay is an excellent instructor in communication styles and how to use the information to improve one-on-one communication and resolve conflict. Knowledge of communication styles has proven to be a valuable tool in my personal life as well. I know of no one better than Mary Kay to assist you and your management team."

Dan Abitz, CEO

Ted Canova

"Mary Kay’s expertise begins in the workplace, but her employee training program is equally valuable after you leave the office. Mary Kay knows how to size up a workplace situation quickly and accurately. But more importantly, she does not push her own agenda on you; she allows you to take the necessary steps for self-improvement, which leads to your own “aha” moments.

You will learn how to “style adjust”, how to identify your key motivations, and how to navigate through conflict resolution with a more positive outlook. Anyone who takes Mary Kay’s training program is ready to implement a new, effective way to move forward individually and as a valuable team member."

Ted Canova, Chief Content Officer


get Online Lessons, 360º Assessment & Action Plans All included in our masterclass

When you join the Ultimate Leader Masterclass you'll discover exactly how to lead a team to new heights in job performance and satisfaction. Start today and fast track your career success.

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