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Stop Managing... and Start Leading

Most of us move into a leadership role because we want to earn more, and make a difference — because we were meant for more... right?

So why is it that so many of us end up stressed out and frustrated

Well... it's because sometimes being the leader is not all we'd hoped for. Especially, when we get sucked into a cycle of people problems that drags us down and consumes all of our energy.

And it's okay to admit it, we're all guilty of it.

The truth is, we end up reacting to the chaos of recurring people problems by working longer hours and doing a lot of other peoples work ourselves. Sound familiar?

For example: we spend a lot of our time dealing with problems like: people showing up late for work or not showing up at all; people making the same mistakes over and over; and people who won't make a decision or don't take responsibility for their outcomes.

And what about the ineffective people that run the good people off?

Or rarely being able to take a day off because when we're not there everything falls apart.

Or maybe we feel like there's no looking toward the future because all the energy is spent taking care of today — and, often, yesterday as well.

I don't know about you. but I feel exhausted just from typing that out.

“Management is doing things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

– Peter Drucker

So... why are we not getting the results we think we should? 

It's because we need to level up our leadership skills and be the leader we know we can be... but we're tired of spinning our wheels trying to use tidbits from here and there to solve our people problems... 

What we want is a proven leadership system that works and — gets immediate results!

...But finding that proven system is like finding a pink unicorn. 

Not only do we want a system that is proven to work for leaders just like us, we want a leadership solution we can apply to our situation... today!

With all of the leadership books, articles, blogs, meetings, and courses out there... how do I find a leadership system that actually works? One that I can trust?

One thing is for sure though... we don't need a bunch of theoretical mumbo-jumbo – we've all seen that before and we know theories won't get the job done — because trying to figure how to apply them is a job in itself. 

The Leadership Deficit

Think about it... there is a leadership deficit everywhere we turn. In fact, most of the problems we deal with revolve around people and a lack of leadership. At home, at work, at companies we do business with, and even in our neighborhoods. There are a lot of people in leadership positions that have not learned how to lead.

Think about it... a high percentage of people in leadership positions are struggling. They have become so focused on telling those they lead what to do, how to fix it, and how to solve their problems... they are on the managing treadmill rather than leading.

And how is that working out?  

For example: how many of you have found managers, teachers, coaches, authors, and politicians that cannot lead their own life? Yet, they profess to be good leaders.

We understand exactly how it feels to not know where to turn or who to trust... we have felt the same way. We have found people can tell you what you need to do, but do not have the experience, expertise or knowledge to advise others how to be the leader people want to follow.

We know what it is like to be faced with people in leadership positions that do not have a clear direction or knowledge about how to get results with people.

We know what is it like to lie awake at night, worrying about the latest problem at work or how we are going to get it all done.

Life it too short to be stressed out. We were meant for more!

Invest in yourself, be an Ultimate Leader — and put and end to the Leadership Deficit.

“By far the best investment you can make is in yourself,”– Billionaire, Warren Buffet

Ultimate Leader Success

Everyone Deserves an Ultimate Leader!

Ultimate Leaders attract great people, build awesome teams, get everyone to
"want to" achieve amazing results — and they virtually eliminate the soul sucking people problems that stresses them out and drains away productivity and morale.

Ultimate Leaders are just like you. They've searched and found the Ultimate Leader Success System that was developed to provide real answers and proven results. Results tested with thousands of people at hundreds of companies.

The Ultimate Leader Success course is a System you can easily get started using today to get the results you expect so you can achieve your leadership goals.  

The good news is, with the Ultimate Leader Success System it's not hard to be an Ultimate Leader.

The Ultimate Leader Success course is fully self-contained and available to you 24/7 so you can work at your own pace and schedule. This leadership course will show you exactly how to get results with and through people, to overcome your people problems and achieve your objectives without stress and frustration.

In an age where leadership is crucial, it’s also one of the most important abilities for personal and career success. That means it's "mission critical" to level up your leadership skills – like building trust and influence, connecting with people, problem solving, resolving conflict, personal and team motivation, and more – skills that will amplify your results in everything you do.

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Here’s What You’ll Get

When You Sign Up

Upon enrolling in the Ultimate Leader Success course you'll get unlimited access to all the course materials and videos. You can immediately get started interacting with the course videos, download the action plan workbook, and begin increasing your leadership skills. You'll be amazed at how much of the course you've easily put in place and how much your leadership skills have grown... making you a happier, more decisive, and confident leader.

68 Interactive Videos

This System is a total leadership package, divided into 68 bite-sized lessons that build on each other.

Action Plan Workbook

Download the course workbook to assist you in getting amazing results on your leadership journey.

Learn At Your Own Pace

The Ultimate Leader Online course is available to you 24/7 at any location with an internet connection.

Certificate Of Completion

After completing this course you can download and print your full color, personalized certificate of completion.

Here’s what people are saying about the
Ultimate Leader Success System

Leo Baldwin

Production Manager

Become a better person at work and in life

"If I were to say anything about the Ultimate Leader System, it would be that this course can improve your team and your ability to deal with the everyday issues, as well as help you become a better person at work and in life.

This course has been a significant part of my success as a production manager. I have learned to correct my short comings as well as constructively help employees reach their maximum potential as team players in daily production and problem resolution.

As a direct cause of the Ultimate Leader System I have turned many poor performing employees into productive team players and problem solvers. My ability to handle employee issues has been greatly enhanced, and has also made me a better overall person."

Tim Mills

Shipping Supervisor

Get your team behind you and engaged

"Doing the Ultimate Leader Success course, you find out a lot about yourself and how to get your team behind you and engaged.

I have been able to train 2 of my team members to be a lead person in shipping and as a backup for the shipping department. I also have had one team member move into a leadership position in the lab.

If you get the chance to take the Ultimate Leader Success course do so. It has made me realize how important it is to treat people like I want to be treated. And the course is very good about explaining things clearly so you can understand and implement quickly."

Allen Baker

Traffic Manager

Building morale within the company

"The Ultimate Leader Success course has really opened my eyes on how people/employees perceive me. With this knowledge I am able to apply it to my every day interactions. This has allowed me to be a better leader, and a better person at work and at home.

This course has really opened up communication throughout all departments. It allows for a better working environment, and is building work morale within the company."

What You'll Discover

in the Ultimate Leader Success Modules

1. The Leadership Solution 

It's not magic. It's not luck. It's a System that shows you exactly how to be a successful leader that everyone wants to follow... and you can immediately apply it.

4 Videos

2. Move From Manager to Leader

Discover how to get out of the day-to-day reactionary loop, use trust as a problem solving tool, and the connection between everyone having a stake in the game and getting results.

14 Videos

3. Build Key Relationships

Create connections naturally. Learn how to package your communication messages so the people you interact with, personally and professionally, understand what you expect.

14 Videos

4. Confidently Resolve Issues 

Conflict is essential and the one thing you can count on. Learn how to start a tough conversation when the topic is difficult without hurting people's feelings. 

12 Videos

5. Motivation Formula: Talent and the Bottom Line

Learn the missing link – finding the perfect blend of a team member's drive and the actions he or she performs. Ultimate Leaders figure out what their team members respond to best and why people would want to follow them.

12 Videos

6. What Right Looks Like

Discover how to be more candid! Everyone has the right to know what is expected of them. As an Ultimate Leader, you will learn how to communicate clear expectations in a fair, firm, frank, and friendly way. 

6 Videos

7. Step Up and Lead

Everyone is someone's difficult person. Learn how to lead challenging, talented people on your team. Create a culture where people are self-correcting, accountable, and focused on solutions. 

6 Videos


Here are 3 Great Bonuses You'll Get With This Course!

Bonus 1
Unlimited Course 

When you sign up for the Ultimate Leader Success course you'll have complete, unrestricted 24/7 online access to the Ultimate Leader Success course. 

You'll also have the freedom to learn at your own pace and on your own schedule, and you can refer back to the course anytime. 

You may login to your Ultimate Leader account from virtually anywhere in the world with internet access, and access the Ultimate Leader Success course easily!

Bonus 2
Motivational Needs Assessment

The online Motivational Needs Assessment (MNA) allows Ultimate Leaders to learn exactly what motivates themselves as well as each of their team members.

Having ongoing access to the MNA allows you to quickly discover what best motivates anyone you would like a better working relationship with.

Use the MNA to clearly understand what motivates you and your team, and within two weeks your team members will work at a higher level of performance!

Bonus 3
Communication Styles 360º Assessment

This assessment is a a tool you'll use to help stop the communication gap. No more misunderstandings at home, with friends, or at work!

This assessment is not a personality test! It measures a person's communication "cruise control" and shows how they listen and understand when others communicate. 

Course graduates use this tool to package their communication to prevent people problems and create long-lasting relationships.

Meet Your Leadership Coach,
Dr. Mary Kay

Dr. Mary Kay earned MS and PhD degrees in Organizational Management and Leadership and has worked with thousands of people at hundreds of companies on their leadership skills – from front line supervisors to CEOs. During her tenure, personally working with over 10,000 people, she developed the Ultimate Leader Success System and teaches it live/on-site and, she and her team, built a fully self-contained Ultimate Leader Success Online course so leaders everywhere can get amazing results working at their own pace and schedule. Dr. Mary Kay also teaches graduate leadership courses at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University and Southern New Hampshire University.

Mary Kay Headshot

People just like you, from these companies and many others, use the

Ultimate Leader Success course to level up their leadership skills.

Here’s What People Are Saying About 

The Course Instructor

Eric Paczwa

Plant Manager

Be better leaders, professional and personally

"Dr. Mary Kay has been a business leadership consultant partner with our organization for over a decade, I have had the pleasure of working with her since 2012.  Throughout this time-frame I’ve witnessed Dr. Mary Kay tailor her coaching strategies to all levels of management throughout our organization and help us create the synergistic and collaborative culture, focused on common goals and values, we experience today. Guiding management through the design phase of our cultural vision building process, and providing the necessary framework to achieve it, is what Dr. Mary Kay has done for us.

The Ultimate Leader Success course helps us in building trust, setting expectations, instilling accountability, providing conflict resolution strategies, and navigating delicate organizational moves necessary to create and protect our culture. Dr. Mary Kay is an experienced professional in coaching individuals to be better leaders, both in their professional and personal lives, and this online course makes it available to everyone."

Janice Williams


Realize how coworkers think and process situations

"The course instructor makes the system easy to understand and easy to put into practice. She shows exactly how to solve your conflicts with others.

This course makes it easy to address situations with other managers and makes you realize how your coworkers think and process situations differently. Dr. Mary Kay provides solutions to the daily problems managers see, and steers you in the right direction to solve them."

Scott Hatchett

Maintenance Supervisor

From old school manager to leader

"I’m using the Ultimate Leader System at work and away from work. Like so many others, I do not like change, but Dr. Mary Kay made it easy for me to change the way I think about leadership. Before taking the course, I was what we call an old school manager. Now I have a new way of thinking and leadership style. I did not think that could happen! Everyone should take this course because it is the real deal. I guarantee you won’t regret it."

Leadership: The Most Important Skill 

Of The 21st Century

In the 21st century, leadership is king.

Everywhere you look and every experience you have, you see a drastic need for true, authentic leadership. Along with it comes increasingly higher expectations to achieve the next level...

But here’s the challenge: school never taught us how to lead. The result? Leadership development has been severely limited — there is a huge leadership deficit. For most of us, the people we interact with are not confident, decisive, courageous, or anywhere near their real potential. And those of us who are, have a tremendous advantage for growth and career opportunities.

As one of the foremost leadership experts, Dr. Mary Kay works onsite with individuals ($30,000 Executive Coaching Program) and management teams ($10,000 per Team Coaching Session) who are determined to to maximize their leadership potential and take full advantage of the incredible competitive advantage Ultimate Leadership offers.


The Ultimate Leader Success course is the exact step-by-step System Dr. Mary Kay follows when working with leaders, one-on-one, or within leadership teams.

Dr. Mary Kay's goal is to have as many leaders as possible involved in the Ultimate Leader Online course so we can overcome the worldwide leadership deficit that exists.

She calls it leadership math... when one leader follows the Ultimate Leader Success System that Ultimate Leader helps develop additional Ultimate Leaders. Then each Ultimate Leader shares their leadership successes with their children, colleagues and neighbors, and those people try it and experience happiness with the people they touch — like never before.

Now everyone can become Ultimate Leaders at a surprisingly small investment in themselves. 

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What Past Students Have to Say About

The Ultimate Leader Success Course

Dana Bucholtz

Customer Service Supervisor

Address situations before they get out of hand

"The Ultimate Leader course has helped me be more proactive and address situations at an early stage before they get out of hand. This enables my team to work better together to come up with the best solution. Instead of waiting on an employee to bring a situation to me.

It's a very professional program that’s in touch with what's relevant in today's workplace. The course teaches leaders how to better themselves so they can properly handle any situation and allows them to obtain the best results for their team and the company."

Marc Vitale

Director of Operations

Transformational for our people and culture

"In my 25 year career, I have worked with a handful of people that have changed the way I think about my personal life and our business. Mary Kay is a tireless, inspirational teacher and leader. I consider myself lucky to have met and worked with her.  

Our company enrolled over 250 people in the Ultimate Leader Online course and it has been transformational for our people and culture. Across the country we find our people working to build trust, working collaboratively and being accountable. Our products are largely a commodity and we differentiate ourselves in the market place with our culture. A culture largely built with this course.  Sign up your team right now. "

Jay Svoboda

Plant Manager

Showed me how to be a better listener

"The leadership skills provided by the Ultimate Leader System showed me how to be a better listener and allow the people that work for me to have more input regarding their jobs and our company.

I have encountered two instances recently where employee disputes were handled in a more efficient manner due to the conflict resolution training provided in the Ultimate Leader program. In both instances the employees were happy with the outcome of the meetings.

When a conflict occurs, all employees involved are encouraged to openly provide their side of the story. Dr. Mary Kay is very knowledgeable (and likeable) and encourages input from Ultimate Leader participants.

It is well worth your time to involve yourself in this training which enables you to interact better with your workforce and also with people you encounter in your personal life."

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On a personal note...

When starting my business career 25 years ago, the leadership books I read and the classes I attended felt more like psychobabble than solid solutions to my leadership challenges. The content was vague and did not provide me with usable answers.

After years of searching and frustration with the lack of answers to my leadership questions, I decided to develop a step-by-step leadership system for people that want real-world answers to their people situations — The Ultimate Leader Success course.

The Ultimate Leader Success course has continually evolved and been tested with over 50,000 leaders in hundreds of companies and has become their go-to System for leadership success.

I hope you'll take this opportunity to join me online in the Ultimate Leader Success System course.

My promise is to help you become the leader that everyone wants to follow!

If you make the decision to trust me to be your leadership coach throughout this learning experience — I won't let you down.

Enjoy every moment as you uncover the Ultimate Leader within!

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