​​What Leadership Skills​ Do All Successful ​Leaders Have​?

Here's The Top 6 In Priority Order: ​Trust Builder; Good Communicator; Conflict Resolver; ​Team Motivator; Holds People Accountable; ​and Set​s Expectations.

(​​after all, 80% of a leaders job is getting results through people​)

Dr. Mary Kay

Dr. Mary Kay

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The Ultimate Leader ​MasterClass
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  • You lead a team, department, plant, or company that you would like to take to the next level.
  • You ​work with people that ​sometimes don't do what they say they will, and you end up having to do your job and some of theirs too.
  • You ​excel at what you do technically, but would like to know more about ​leadership and how to ​influence people to "want to" do ​what you are convinced needs to be done.
  • You would like to be able to work effectively with anyone... including difficult, hard to manage people. 

The Ultimate Leader ​MasterClass Delivers! 

This is the Same Training Dr. Mary Kay Uses ​Onsite with Leadership Teams!

6 Hours ​with Dr. Mary Kay

Get six hours of fast paced, interactive video that shows you exactly how to get results through people.

68 Interactive Video Lessons

​​This c​lass is a total leadership package, divided into 68 bite sized lessons that build on ​each other.

Downloadable Action Plans

​Use these action plans as guides to assist you in getting amazing results ​in your leadership journey.

Learn At Your Own Pace

​The Ultimate Leader MasterClass is available to you 24/7 at any location with an internet connection.

Certificate Of Completion

​When you've completed this course you can download and print your full color, personalized certificate of completion.

Email Support

​If you need clarification on how to implement a​ course concept or have any questions we're here to help.

Increase Productivity

When you ​grow ​​your leadership, ​your team will respond with a ​higher level of commitment and performance.

Get a Career Boost

​The ​better you are at leading and ​developing people the more valuable you become to any organization.

Reduce Stress and Frustration

​Knowing how to effectively lead people has direct, proportional  impact on reducing your stress and frustration.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

​​What are the course topics?

​How long does it take to complete the course?

​​What if I don't have people reporting to me?

​Will this class help me resolve team member conflicts?

​I need to be a better motivator, will this class help?

​​Will my company pay for me to take this course?

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​​Your plate is full and don't have time to take a class: ​Think about why you don't have time... Is it because you spend so much time ​everyday picking up other peoples ​slack and fighting fires that constantly pop up? Are you working too many hours and feeling burnt out? It's a ​viscous cycle that'll ​​go ​on until ​you do something ​to stop it. ​The Ultimate Leader MasterClass ​​​WILL help you break the cycle. There's no risk — you have nothing to lose... but the cycle.

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Get instant access to our Ultimate Leader ​MasterClass now!

Not only do you get 68 interactive video lessons and downloadable PDF Action Plans... Right now, because you are an About Leaders subscriber, you can SAVE $100 off the course and enroll for only $295 — With Our Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

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