ResolutionsHave you made your leadership resolutions yet?

You know, those helpful and highly successful resolutions that people routinely make to lose weight, start a work-out routine, exercise weekly, the list goes one. However, if surveyed, most people never achieve their resolution quest; many never even start.

This year I am making the following Leadership Resolutions.

1.  I resolve to improve my personal Emotional Intelligence as written by Daniel Goldman in What Makes A Leader? I resolve to improve in four areas:

  • a. I resolve to become more self-aware of my emotional control in dealing with confrontational situations. I resolve to accurately self-access through daily reflections of my interaction with other people. I will be a seeker with determination to improve daily my inner being in order to “know myself” in a more intrinsic realm.
  • b. I resolve to manage the control of my emotions, my enthusiasm, my interactive communications with others and my drive for excellence.
  • c. I resolve to be more socially aware in my relationship-building with others, making a sincere and concentrated effort to exhibit the deepest level of empathy attainable in my listening habits. I resolve to live a purposeful “service oriented” life, providing a high quality, calling-driven attitude in my interactions with others.
  • d. I resolve to be more influential toward others with inspirational and developmental leadership to all with whom I work, mentor, communicate and teach. I resolve to be flexible toward accepting change even when I may not like or approve of the new ideal. I resolve to build a solid bond with those on my team, being collaborative with those whom I lead, and manage conflict with a vision of making results better for all parties.

emotional eq

2.  I resolve to be a seeker of leadership skills, ideals, practices, and purposes that will improve the manner in which I speak publicly about leadership in general, and organizational success specifically.

3.  I resolve to be more dedicated to those within my circle of influences, who are leadership seekers in their own realm, by providing ideals, principles, and practices that will enable them to better lead in their own organizations, families, and in their personal endeavors.

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4.  I resolve to lead with a highly moral and ethical standard of moral authority that will be worthy of respect, will inspire trust and confidence, and will maintain a high level standard of performance. I resolve to empower others to lead within clear and firm, yet flexible boundaries within moral and ethical standards of performance.

5.  I resolve to follow John Maxwell’s advice and “Treat everyone like a 10” as I would want to be treated.

6.  I resolve to live by the Golden Rule by leading others in like manner as I would want to be led; i.e. “Doing unto them as I would that they in like manner would to do unto me.”

7. I resolve to proactively mentor other leaders with leadership PRIDE: “Personal Responsibility In Developing Everyone.” I resolve to make a difference in the lives of others that I mentor and lead.

intrinsic reward

8.  I resolve daily to lead with a “Level 5 Personhood” quality, empowering others to grow as leaders, respecting others to build an uncompromising level of trust.

9.  I resolve to be a Servant Leader, practicing Greenleaf’s principles of servant-hood, stewardship and dedication to others first, always remembering that my leadership is not about me, but about others.

10.  I resolve that I will every day, for the remainder of my time on earth, evolve toward my Servant Leadership Vision, and hope that my legacy will be that of sustainable leadership that is being passed down from leader to leader as Greenleaf envisioned.

Leadership Skills TakeawayWe are all seekers for different reasons. I believe leadership comes with an ethical responsibility to continually attempt to make a difference, not only in the organization in which we work and lead, but also in the lives of those whom we lead.

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David McCuistion
David is a retired Naval Officer with extensive leadership and management experience including Officer-in-Charge of a major communication facility, in secondary education teaching leadership, and over five years public speaking on Servant Leadership and organizational development topics.