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As the parent of a teen, you need to prepare them for the onslaught of adulthood waiting around the corner.

As successful leaders, they will not only be better prepared to handle their own lives, but they can serve as a positive example to those around them. Here are six key qualities of good leaders – the tools to give your teen so that they can be effective leaders.


Don’t wait for someone to bring you the solution — go out and find it. A proactive person is someone who is active in reaching their destination. The opposite is a passive person — someone who waits to be told how to proceed before acting. Look to the titans of industry who outperform their competitors, like the companies who sell more Apple products than anyone else. You will always find pro activity at their core.


Your team is what makes you a leader in the first place. The more important and trusted your team members feel, the more loyal and hardworking they will be. Once you have a clear vision on a project, give the crucial tasks to your team members. If you don’t trust them and keep all the important work for yourself, they will notice.


Listening is not only an essential quality in a leader, but as a regular person. We all have things we want to say, and we all want to be heard. One of the best ways to be heard, is to let the other person know that you’re listening to them. Seek first to understand, then to be understood.

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A tool that too many underestimate. If you cannot articulate the ideas in your head, then your team will not be able to help you effectively. If they have to guess, then you’re increasing the likelihood an inferior result. Help them to understand your own vision simply.


Some leaders feel the need to pretend to be confident or capable, but they usually lack the self awareness to see how obvious their deception is. (Think: Michael Scott). You don’t have to say everything you’re thinking, but don’t be afraid to let your team know that you are a flawed human being, just like they are.


You are both the anchor and the engine. People can only advance as quickly as you, and as far as you let them. If you aren’t totally passionate about the idea, unwilling to do the work needed, your team will be even less so. Your level of commitment dictates their commitment without ever speaking a word.

How Do You Prepare Your Teenagers to Be Successful Leaders?

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