Being a good leader requires efficient decision-making skills that allow you to keep your team together. While this may sound like a given, it’s difficult to develop the necessary cognitive skills in motivating others.

Building Your Leadership Strategy: Identifying SMART Goals and Objectives

If you have had the unfortunate experience of working with a leader who was ineffective, a bully, or who seemed to lack even the most basic communication skills, you know which kind of leadership strategies you want to avoid. The question is, how do you select a leadership strategy that fits you, and helps you

How to Choose The Best Leadership Strategy to Achieve a Goal

  James Kerr has been working with clients for over 25 years. Read on to find out what led to him studying leadership, why he believes teams underperform, why it’s sometimes OK to take a break from e-mails and phone calls, and how naming a conflict helps in resolution. Thanks for doing this interview! Could you

A Leadership Interview With James Kerr

Life goals are a purpose or main objective – the reason you do all that day-to-day stuff. Turning life goals into SMART goals or SMART objectives is like building a compass that gives focus, direction and makes decision-making easier. SMART goals turn life goals into crystal clear pictures that keep you on the right track

Life Goals: Plan It… Live It… Achieve It.

“True success in life isn’t rare because people are weak or lazy or lack willpower or fear success. True success in life is rare because too often people use flawed strategies for success.” (Kraus, 2006) To accomplish anything of significant value, you must begin by establishing smart goals.

4 Simple Steps to SMART Goals

My name is Billy Moyer and I have a confession to make. I am not one to be negative, but I must tell you about something I hate. I HATE NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS!

5 Reasons to Avoid Resolutions and Set Goals Instead

The ability to influence the leadership skills of your team members in order to meet organizational demands is a complex element of the overall leadership development picture. Leaders are tasked with effectively guiding organizational goal achievement while considering team member skills necessary to produce the desired output. A focus on balancing talent development with organizational

Leaders Influence Team Performance and Goal Achievement