Return to Leadership: Regaining Your Position After a Hiatus

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Having a hiatus in your professional life and losing touch with yourself can be a nightmare when you’ve come back to work after some time off.

There is a new concept that has sprung up in the past few years which is aimed at improving the productivity and helping professionals who are returning to work after a period of time. This concept is called returnship.

This returnship program is usually aimed at female employees due to maternity leave. But it is not limited to that situation. It can be for any professional who has been on leave for any reason.

However, this should not necessarily mean a complete restart of your career. It should, instead, serve as a launch pad for moving to the leadership position you had been in previously.

Here are some tips to help leaders who have come back to their position after a hiatus:

  • Make the Most out of a Returnship Program

If you had been in a position of leadership before your beak, it becomes a little difficult as there will be doubts about whether you still have the qualities and confidence to lead. You will need to prove yourself.

Returnship programs are designed specifically to help professionals get back to what they were doing and make them feel comfortable about returning to work. This works not only for mid-level professionals, but also for those who were in a managerial position handling a team.

  • Put in Extra Effort

Want to move fast from a returnship to your position? You need to do more than just your job. Be open to taking on extra work if you get the opportunity. Returnship should be seen as an opportunity to showcase your ability to lead a team again.

If you cannot show your ability to be flexible and accept additional responsibilities, there will be doubt that you still have the skills required for the role that you performed before your break.

  • Network Within the Company

One of the most important points to remember while you are trying to get back to your leadership is the ability to network within the company. Try having some meaningful conversations with the decision makers and share any ideas you have on how you can make some improvement on the work you are doing.

  • Own Your Position

Re-entry can be seen as an opportunity to hone new skills and pursue new interests. The position was yours, you know you have the ability to get back to it. And this is why you need to embrace any opportunities to learn new skills. Sometimes you can also pursue new interests by learning new things and get a similar position, but with different roles. You are the owner of your career graph.

  • Have Confidence

When you have the confidence, you can achieve whatever you want to in your professional life. Confidence is the one quality that gets affected the most when you have a professional break.

And it is confidence which will take you back to your original leadership position. Have confidence in yourself, and you will be able to get your former glory back in no time.

It is not easy to return back to a managerial position after a long break. There will be reluctance from the top management to regain trust in your leadership skills, and also the team members may have less confidence in you.

However, if you have the determination and follow the above tips, you can win back the trust and the respect, along with your former position.

How Can Leaders Return After a Hiatus?

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