Recruiting and Hiring Article Overview

Each year organizations spend time and money on recruiting and hiring new employees. Here are some startling facts:

  • Over half of newly hired employees leave the organization within their first six months.
  • Employee turnover and the hidden costs of hiring ends up averaging 1.5 times the annual salary of the position being filled.

What Will this Article do for Me?

  • Learn how to find the right candidate
  • Obtain interviewing strategies
  • Discover when to complete a background check
  • Take action on making a great hiring decision

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Why a System for Recruiting and Hiring?

A system provides a list of verified procedures and methods that are known to work. For example, when a pilot flies an airplane, a pre-flight checklist is used before every flight. This preflight system ensures the safety of the aircraft as well as the safety of the passengers. It simply is a life or death matter whether the plane safely takes off, stays airborne and lands safely.

The same is true for a hiring system. The steps for effective hiring have been proven. Organizations that do not follow a checklist of proven procedures incur financial and emotional strains. It is a life or death matter for some organizations as they can end up hiring people that create a loss in productivity, abuse company benefits, and resources, and deplete an organization’s profits.

Hiring isn’t Easy

Many studies have indicated that organizations get frustrated with finding good employees, hiring good employees, and keeping good employees. For some companies, they say it is their most pressing issue that impacts the bottom line.

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By taking the time to create a hiring system that is detailed and complete, research indicates that organizations attract employees that fit the organization’s objectives, match the employees’ abilities and career goals, and provides a long-term win/win experience for all parties involved.

Components of a Hiring System

In this article, you will gain information on a step-by-step process for developing and maintaining an effective hiring system. Dr. Whitaker covers the following topics:

  • Start with the person responsible for hiring
  • Components of a realistic job description
  • How to find the right candidate
  • Screening resumes
  • Strategies for interviewing
  • Checking a person’s background
  • Testing

Following a hiring, the system takes time but is an excellent investment of that time. When your organization has the best talent, the organization is highly competitive, productive, and unstoppable.

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