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Amazing Communicator

Ever wished you knew how to consistently connect with others – even difficult people? This course shows you how easily it is to get on the same page with almost anyone

Accountability Agreements

Set up new and improved performance reviews that are actually forward-looking plans of action designed to boost team performance and advance your career.

Being Patient and Less Stressed

The practical tools and techniques in this course will show you how to be much more patient and less stressed without lowering team performance.

Ultimate Sales Communicator

Increase your closing ratio and speed up your sales cycle, in any industry, by knowing exactly how to communicate with all types and styles of customers.

Ultimate Leader Online

If you’re a leader, at any level, that wants to go to the next level of career success, this course is designed for you. And the skills you learn work at home with spouses and kids too!

Conflict Management

Do you tend to avoid dealing with conflicts because it’s uncomfortable you don’t want to make them worse? This course shows how to turn conflict into a positive and leave you stress-free.

Ultimate Leader Sales Master

This full blown sales mastery course for sales professionals interested in achieving exceptional results without relying on gimmicky closes or high-pressure tactics.

Ultimate Supervisor

Get the leaderships skills you’ll need to confidently step into a supervisory role and make a successful transition from team member to leading the team.

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On-Site: Enroll Your Team In On-Site Training To Equip Them For Ultimate Success

Ultimate Leader Accelerator

This course takes managers, at all levels, and turns them into confident, decisive leaders with the skills to attact, lead, and keep the best talent available… which  quickly grows the organization.

Ultimate Leader Fast Track

Fast track your career with a made-to-measure approach that fits you! The Fast Track Experience gives provides mentoring and individualized tailoring that fits your unique talents.

Ultimate Leader Culture Integration

Provide your company with a system that can actually create a “one team—one culture” environment.  Company culture determines whether you attract and keep the best talent… or not.

Ultimate Leader Trainer Certification

Once you have participated in this Certification course, you’ll have the insight to know how to leverage your skills and expertise to help your organization grow and increase its bench strength.

Ultimate Leader Conflict Resolution

In this positive, two-day experience costly conflicts are resolved and, during the process, participants learn how to quickly identify a destructive cycle and resolve conflicts on their own.

Get Started With Free Leadership Developing Resources
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Free Tools: Great resources that you can download to use and share.

Conversation Map

This conversation map will show you the steps to take to become an excellent communicator and leader by proper conversation.

The Accountability Checklist

This guide includes a performance test to determine if an employee is on or off the team.

3 Building Blocks To Unshakable Company Culture

The secret to building a great company culture is to create personal meaning and a sense of belonging. Download this guide to learn the 3 building blocks.

7 Simple Ways To Conflict Resolution

The key to conflict resolution is proper communication. Follow these 7 steps to resolve nearly any conflict from interoffice to customer service.

Motivational Checklist

This guide unlocks how to proactively uncover what the people on your team need to be successful.

Coaching For Peak Professional Performance

As a leader in your organization, you must think of yourself as a coach. Follow these 5 tips for Coaching Peak Professional Performance.