Leadership Skills that Work

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Leadership Skills that Work

What are the critical leadership skills and leadership qualities that build and sustain a growing business?

Randy Pound, VP at Centennial Executive Search, calls them the 4 “C”s. The 4 “C”s are put into action by finding, hiring, and developing great people – individuals who have the capacity to deliver the 4 “C”s for leadership success:

  • Competence

    Meets and exceeds position requirements and anticipates organizational needs where innovation, collaboration, and creativity are required to sustain a competitive advantage and maximize profitability.

  • Culture

    Understands that every organization is a compilation of many sub-cultures, diverse goals, and personal objectives. Knows how to utilize that knowledge to obtain the best efforts of all employees for the benefit of the entire organization.

  • Chemistry

    Recognizes how behavior and group dynamics actually feed or discourage group achievement and motivate and gets the best out of everyone. Believes that everyone wants to make a difference and know they are valued.

  • Character

    Displays the strength and energy to keep moving forward even in the face of ambiguity and difficult challenges, ensuring that not only will they excel, but everyone around them will also.

Three Keys to Success and Performance

Here are 3 areas that can make the difference between mediocre performance and dominating a market segment:

1. Stewardship

Doing the right things to protect the long-term viability, financial health, and well-being of the company and its employees. That means knowing how leadership, rewards & recognition, strategic direction, and the company culture affect the bottom-line

2. Engagement

The internal culture is necessary to encourage deep personal connections and ignite the effort required to renew one’s professional skills and capabilities continuously. Everyone striving for excellence in everything they do beyond just doing the job. That means knowing our supervisor/management effectiveness, how we use performance improvement, job satisfaction, and learning & development to affect our bottom-line.

3. Service

An authentic commitment cascading down from senior management to the frontline for service to each other and customers. That means knowing how well the staff understands and seeks out ways to better serve others inside and outside the company and how teamwork adds to bottom-line success.

Great Questions to Ask

  • What tools are we using, if any, to accurately measure and enhance our company’s profitability, viability, and stability in light of the 3 areas above?
  • Are those tools we are using validated for accuracy and objectivity? If not, how do we know they are working for us and not against us?
  • How much are we paying for those tools, and what is our true ROI on their usage?

Once you have those answers, create a strategic plan to implement appropriate, cost-effective tools and procedures to ensure you have the right people in the right seats to stabilize your company’s future and move it to the next level of excellence.

Which Leadership Skills Work For You?

If you have ideas that you feel like sharing that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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Dr. Fred Simkovsky
Dr. Fred Simkovsky
Dr. Fred is a certified master coach and host of Visions of Success Internet Talk Radio on Raven International Network, assists organizations in realizing its Vision of Success both nationally and internationally.
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