Leadership Skills Idea for the Week: Be Approachable

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A leader that is approachable can alleviate a great deal of potential productivity inhibitors. A leader that is visible and receptive will often hear of ideas, issues, problems, and circumstances that would never come to light otherwise.

Whether it’s solving problems or providing vision and direction leaders can be extremely effective by just being approachable. All too often unproductive situations arise because of poor communications between individuals and/or supervisors.

At times, these communication breakdowns become impasses that hinder productivity. As a result, team members feel there is no path to overcome or circumvent the difficulties.

Leadership Challenge

Take an opportunity this week to work on your approach with others:

  • Are people inspired by you?
  • Are you easy to talk to?
  • What is your body language and tone when communicating with others? (This is really important as body language is 55% of your message and tone is 38%! Your words are only 7%)

How Can Leaders Be Approachable?

Make adjustments this week to be more approachable and comment below on your results. We want to learn from your success!

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Tim Cummuta
Tim Cummuta
Tim is a Business Consultant in Strategic Planning, Productivity, HR, Sales & Marketing, and Risk Management. He has a Master’s Degree in Financial Planning and is pursuing a Ph.D in Organization & Management at Capella University.
  • Eugenio Césare says:


    The hierarchy is strategically necessary but should only exist in the organization charts of companies.

    In practice, any company, especially in those where it is essential to be Lean, the relationships and communication must flow, regardless of positions and roles people play.

    People trust those who are familiar to them, to feel comfortable to share problems, difficulties, opportunities and achievements.

    If trust is the foundation of leadership, “be approachable” is the gateway.

    Eugenio Césare – Mech. Engineer – MBA – Automotive Manufacturing Leader

  • Lori Cole says:

    One is only as approachable as her undermining male co-supervisors will let her be as they spread rumors about her that she is untrustworthy and someone to be feared. Knowing the right things to do is one thing: being allowed to put them into practice in a toxic environment is another thing altogether. Thank you for the pointers, though.

  • Tim Cummuta says:

    Thank you Eugene I agree with your assessment being approachable is the gateway.

    I also agree that being in a toxic environment it may appear that all the laws of successful leadership seem to go awry. It is like being in a black hole where all the laws of science breakdown. However, even in a toxic environment leaders can lead if they don’t let the toxicity infect them. Toxic environments are where great leaders are needed most. Someone must stand up and do the right thing even if the personal costs are high. That is what real leaders do. They face the danger for those around them and provide direction that leads others out of the toxicity.

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