Leadership is a Journey

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If leadership is a journey, “How do I get an ‘A’?”

This was a very common question while I was getting my undergraduate degree. It wasn’t until my last semester when a very wise professor made this profound statement, “Don’t worry about the grade! Focus on learning the material and the grade will come.”

It was a real-world example of the saying that joy is in the journey. We were all so focused on results, that we forgot we were there to actually learn something.

That experience is not much different than what I have experienced in the business world.

Show Me the Money

“Show me the money!” is a quote from “Jerry McGuire”, a popular Tom Cruise movie that depicts our society. On the flip side, how can we, as leaders, manage results and balance that with the knowledge that as we lead, we become better leaders and those around us become leaders?

Leaders have to understand and demonstrate that work and life are a process. That “arrival” rarely happens, but when it does, it is not normally as fulfilling as the journey was to get there.

This is not popular in our results-oriented world, but as we transition as a culture from producing to innovating, the journey becomes as significant as the result because of what other ideas and innovations spawn from the journey.

Did Apple really intend to make the iPod, or was it an offshoot of another idea they were marching to?

What if they were so focused on delivering the original idea that they did not recognize this “offshoot” idea?” Would the music industry be where it is today?

The Journey of Leadership

Hopefully, my point is clear that the journey is significant.

Find ways in your workplace, or even at home with your family, to focus on gleaning things from the process.

Review what you are doing relative to the goal because that was the original worthwhile idea, but be open-minded to what you are learning along the way.

As leaders, it is important to build environments that allow for this process.

Do what any good leader would do, get your best players around you and come up with a process to review what you are doing, not just where you are going.

Tell them that the grade is important, but so is what we are doing and our journey along the way.

How Is Leadership a Journey?

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Bill Rieger
Bill Rieger
Bill is a trusted servant leader who takes personal interest in those around him. He has accepted the responsibility that comes with leadership and fully believes that he will get everything he wants out of life by helping those around him get everything they want out of life!
  • Kamala Shah says:

    Thanks for the insight Bill!
    What a positive approach to attaining results, I will be sharing and practicing this with my team tomorrow.

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