It All Starts With YOU

The power of Pre-Emptive Leadership


Learn the six-steps for empowering leaders

When we hear the term “Pre-Emptive Leader, ” we think of prevention—preventing problems means fewer problems and that leads to better results. Dr. Mary Kay Whitaker and Ron Whitaker’s six-step system for empowering leaders eliminates “people problems” and results in a vastly more productive work environment. These steps will help you develop the leadership skills to:

  • Build a Foundation
  • Establish a Connection
  • Resolve Misunderstandings
  • Know What Makes a Person Tick
  • Clarify Expectations
  • Instill Accountability

It All Starts With YOU – The Power of Pre-Emptive Leadership is a powerful book that will make you and your business more successful. The tools and concepts presented in this book not only quickly create exceptional leaders, but are also practical and easy to use.

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