4 Ways Leaders Can Motivate from The Heart

September 6, 2018

Leadership is a unique quality that probably can’t be achieved by everyone. There are certain traits and characteristics that distinguish leaders from the masses. But that doesn’t mean that leadership is a God-given gift that can’t be gained with effort and smart thinking.

A person is considered to be a better leader if they are able to guide and motivate themselves and their team. The only way one can achieve this is by motivating from the heart.

This type of motivation can be accomplished by taking on actions that also highlight important leadership qualities.

The following four steps are important measures you should take to inculcate true spirit and motivation in yourself and your workers:

1. Show Your Commitment

The best and most accepted procedure to motivate is by showing and proving your commitment to the goals you want to achieve.

Keep yourself busy with necessary tasks, and take reports from others on regular basis.

Others will be motivated when they see their leader as a punctual, determined, and committed person who is ready to sacrifice their luxury for achieving their goals.

2. Create a Sense of Ownership for the Team

Another vital process that would raise motivation in workers is the creation of a sense of ownership of the business in them.

Distribute some part of your profits among staff members, and provide bonuses for their good performance.

It will urge them to work extra hard in order to get their share of benefits. They will consider the success of company as their own success. This will result in better performance and growth of an organization.

3. Take Inspiration from Other Leaders

One can attain leadership properties by learning them from others and adopting these traits.

You will find several successful leaders around you running their organizations with continuous growth. An effective leader is one of the major sources behind this.

Read the advice other leaders have, and you can become an inspirational leader by using methods similar to theirs.

If these leadership qualities provide results for them, then it’s highly likely they will for you and your organization as well.

4. Adopt the Required Leadership Style for Your Situation

Few leadership qualities (like truth, honesty, friendliness etc.) are universal, but individual occasions and places demand specific measures that must be adopted to motivate others.

Different organizations and cultures require various leadership traits that are considered motivational for workers. A situation in a Dubai company can be different from a company in Manhattan.

You have to look closely at your organization and its environment, including the general behavior of the team.

For instance, an organization may require a charismatic leader to motivate others, while it may be required to provide incentives to workers in any other area that would make them work more enthusiastically.

It’s essential for leaders to motivate their workers according to what the situation requires.

How Can Leaders Motivate from the Heart?

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