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Entrepreneurial Leaders

This article discusses Michael Leblanc as an airline entrepreneur that continually failed at his endeavors. In contrast, Herb Kelleher, Southwest Airlines™ entrepreneur, succeeded in his vision as he inspired others to become a part of his cause to build a successful airline.

Leadership at the Top

Explore leadership models researched by leadership experts on characteristics and components of effective leadership teams. These models provide insight into building leadership skills and relationships between leaders and followers.

Leadership Vision

Research proposes leaders may have a great strategy, but without trust from followers neither will be fulfilled. Trust doesn’t ensure a plan will work, but without it, the action plan will fail.

Leadership Culture Models for Culture Integration

The results of this research reminds leaders that the timing and method a leader involves employees in newly formed organizational strategy determines whether or not their employees will support the new culture.

Recruiting and Hiring

Studies indicate that organizations get frustrated with finding good employees, hiring good employees, and keeping good employees. For some companies they say it is their most pressing issue that impacts the bottom line.

Best Practices for Leading Organizational Change

Dr. Mary Kay presents three models of change from thought leaders that have proposed change theories. You will learn different theories of change and how these theories apply to initiating change in the real world.

Organizational Ethics

Real examples from Southwest Airlines, W. L. Gore, and Nike are provided throughout this research. Read in this article how these companies feel about an ethics program and how it correlates with organizational profitability.

Merging Cultures

This research indicates that by emphasizing the people side of the business as a key strategy within the first three months of integration reduces the time spent on cultures clashing and people drifting apart.

Corporate Coaching

Should coaching be part of the organization’s strategy? Is coaching a means for developing leaders? Does coaching impact perspectives, attitudes, and behaviors to fulfill the vision within the organization? Is coaching a tool for obtaining a competitive advantage? Explore this article to find out the answers.

How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent

This academic article by Dr. Mary Kay, complete with source citations, is about the leadership skills and leadership qualities that are necessary to attract and retain the best talent.

It All Starts With YOU

It All Starts With YOU – The Power of Pre-Emptive Leadership is a powerful book that will make you and your business more successful. The tools and concepts presented in this book not only quickly build exceptional leadership skills, but are also practical and easy to use.

What Matters Now

Over 70 authors contribute to Seth Godin’s free eBook What Matters Now, giving you new ideas and a new way to focus.

Excellence. No Excuses.

Excellence. No Excuses. 74 Ways to Launch Your Journey. NOW.  is a free eBook by Tom Peters. It is the result of a Twitter exchange on the subject of “overcoming resistance to change”.