Is Mark Zuckerberg a great leader?

There are differing opinions on the matter.

Mark’s letter to shareholders before the IPO is straight forward and enlightening. He definitely knows what he wants.

In his letter, he lays out exactly what Facebook is about: its mission, goals,and purpose. There should be no misunderstanding about Mark’s vision for Facebook when you read it.

Now that the $38 IPO stock price has tumbled to $18.96, investors are calling for Mark to be replaced. “He doesn’t have the leadership skills to lead the company”, they say.

My money is on Mark not giving into investors that want to focus on short term gain at the expense of long term investment in innovation, customers, and employees. This is the plight that most public CEO’s face – spreadsheet management. Sacrifice the future for the now. So good for Mark!

I’ve included a PDF of Mark’s letter to investors below because I believe it is an instructive view into how a great leader in the making communicates. It’s a little over 2000 words, but well worth it!

Letter to Shareholders

If you took the time to read it – you truly are a student of leadership!

How Do Great Leaders Face Criticism?

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