We are all familiar with the leadership skills needed for engaging our employees, principles of motivation, and the power of great leaders.

Check Out These Celebration Myths

When working with people on their leadership skills, it is interesting to notice that they tend to work against their motivational needs.

How to Stay Energized

Have you at times wondered if there is such a thing as an unmotivated person? Most people haven’t thought about what motivates them. They reach a burnout level and don’t understand why. Only after understanding the different types of motivation do they gain insight into how to motivate themselves as well as set the stage

How to Engage Employees; a Complete Success Plan

A transformative experience in my leadership development was with a client that dismissed me from his organization.

Stepping Up To Lead

Effective leaders know how to motivate people to want to do what needs to be done by effectively using these three motivational factors. Appreciation Involvement Awareness of personal situations Many people are surprised to discover that money is not one of the top three. Motivating people in the workplace is often linked to money and

How Effective Leaders Motivate People

Are there people on your team whom you haven’t been able to reach? You don’t know why, but they are adversely affecting productivity. A clear solution to this issue has not yet presented itself to you. You’re certain you don’t have a communication skills issue between the people in question, and you’ve resolved any conflict

What is Motivation and How Does it Work?

The leadership skills of the entrepreneurial leader are significant to those of a business leader or organizational manager.

Are You an Entrepreneurial Leader?

If you don’t send your message in the right way, people will not be able to understand you. Many people grasp the concept of adjusting their communication style to other people by either: Getting to the point (be clear) Acknowledging people (be approachable) Taking time to really listen (be attentive) Just the facts please (provide

Better Communication For Better Performance

Here are some ways to recognize whether you are a manager or a leader. Are You a Manager or a Leader? A manager tells, pushes, and provides solutions. A leader asks questions, pulls, and gets solutions from people. A manager gets “yes” people. A leader attracts committed people. A manager gets more to do. A

Leadership Challenge: Manager Or Leader?

I’ve had the opportunity to work with several leaders on having candid conversations and their overall leadership skills. One of the trends that I have noticed is there’s a tendency for leaders to put off having crucial conversations with people that are critical to organizational success. Examples include: Team members are operating as “lone rangers”

How To Easily Have Candid Conversations

Lighten up! Leaders are proactive. And if you want to keep good employees, that is what you have to become. Building leadership skills is a way for managers at all levels to have more fun getting things done, influencing others to do their best, and genuinely enjoy working with people. What Keeps Managers from Becoming

Leadership Skills Idea: Lighten Up!

When we meet with potential clients, the first thing we hear is, “If we could all just communicate effectively, we could accomplish anything!”

How to Get People to Understand Your Message