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Entrepreneurial Leadership

Entrepreneurs are known to have more Emotional Intelligence (EI) compared to other leaders. This article explores how these leaders exude more confidence and achieve more entrepreneurial success.

Leadership at the Top

Dr. Whitaker reveals that many Top Management Teams (TMTs) are not “real teams” their goals are too intangible, performance expectations are not defined, and there is lack of diversity in leadership skills.

Leadership Vision

Organizations must attract talented leaders that duplicate their leadership skills to followers, inspire leadership talent, and establish a leadership framework. Knowing oneself is a primary to becoming a genuine leader.

Leadership Models for Culture Integration

The purpose of a merger is to increase the value of the merging entities into a unified, profitable organization. With the intent of value creation, why it is that approximately 60% of mergers fail to meet financial expectations?

Recruiting and Hiring

Each year organizations spend time and money on recruiting and hiring new employees. Over half of newly hired employees leave the organization within their first six months. Employee turnover ends up averaging 1.5 times the annual salary.

Best Practices for Leading Change

The change leader of tomorrow has recognized that change management as an individual is not possible. A change leader understands through the teamwork of members, successful change is a very rewarding event.

Merging Cultures

A primary cause for failing mergers is inattention from the leadership team on how employees are responding to the enormous change  during integration. Strong cultures may not be a positive when planning to merge.

Organizational Ethics

An ethics program is an indicator of what senior managers view as a priority and how they wish to conduct business. Ethics are a corporate value that begin at the top and trickles throughout the organization.

Corporate Coaching

The basic purpose of coaching is to mentor a valued employee from where he or she is to where he or she wants to be. Not just to be utilized when an individual is broken. Should coaching need to be a part of the organization’s strategy?

How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent

Employees want to work for organizations that are winners. Winning is interpreted as an organization that hires talented people and promotes the most qualified. It’s people determine a company’s success or failure.