I met and hired my future boss while attending a regional corporate kick-off for a company I was employed at in 2013. One of the keynote speakers talked about something I had never heard from a podium previously. He talked about another individual at the function that he had hired several years prior to this.

I Just Hired My Future Boss!

Mentoring student leaders is part of my responsibility to develop future leaders. Peter Block is quoted as saying, “We get the leaders we create.” This could be in your workplace, community, school, or even your home. Developing leaders is not something that should be taken lightly, nor is it something that we should expect others

3 Surefire Ways to Develop Student Leaders for the Future

Occasionally, there is a new leadership skills concept introduced that almost seems too simple and powerful to be true. Visioning is one of those leadership skills concepts. Except it does work! Visioning is a system-thinking leadership approach that enables and empowers leaders to make better decisions, solve problems and improve relationships with others. An important

Visioning: Leadership Skills of the Future

Future leaders, leadership is changing right before our very eyes. Those who are able to connect the dots to a more demographically diverse core group of people will emerge as the top leaders in all areas of American life. It is really an issue of our ability not to accept change but embrace change. Certainly,

Connect with the Future Leaders of America

Gurus around the world suggest living in the moment and not thinking too much about the future. However, when it comes to having a career, keeping an eye on the future is helpful. If typewriter experts predicted the growth of computers, they would have updated their skill set and would not be out of jobs later. While

10 Great Career Fields for the Future

Businesses have changed a great deal over the years, with previous structures and conventions often discarded for new and better approaches. In leadership, the business person of today is usually quite different from the authoritarian of the past. Still, some of the most recent advances in leadership skills and leadership development have yet to be

The Future of Leadership

On December 12, ten middle school leadership students and I assisted in a community service event to help those in need over the holidays. The community event was Operation Holiday, which Inter-Faith Ministries, a non-profit organization, sponsors. According to the organization’s web page, “Operation Holiday serves seniors, individuals, and families living at or below the

Future Leaders in Servant Leadership

Instilling Accountability How-To Video Dr. Mary Kay – About Leaders Co-Founder and Ultimate Leader Success System Creator Instilling Accountability Accountability! How often are you frustrated because people in your workplace are not practicing it? The chatter in the breakroom is that people are in disbelief the manager is not holding people accountable. And why aren’t

Instill Accountability within Your Team

The connection between fitness and leadership goes back thousands of years to when “fit to lead” literally meant that a person was physically fit enough to lead a community. Leaders have existed since the times when man depended on hunting and gathering for food and survival, with followers looking up to their leaders’ greater strength

Fitness and Leadership

Team building is an easy way to increase employee happiness, productivity, and morale. While a solitary ant can’t accomplish much by itself, a group of ants allows an entire colony of ants to survive and prosper. The same can be said about a business and its workers. A company may hire the most qualified, cunning

Benefits of Incorporating Team Building Into Your Company Culture

Data literacy is important for employees at all levels. With global spending on big data and business analytics up to $215.7 billion, these tools have become essential competitive elements for any organization. Data literacy is now the backbone of modern business. We’ve entered a period of data democratization. However, information availability is worthless without data

Teaching Employees Data Literacy

One-on-one meetings are a great way to get personal with your employees or clients. They provide an opportunity for open communication and feedback. One study found that one-on-one meetings have increased by over 500% since before the pandemic. Furthermore, 85% of millennials value professional development and growth in a job, with one-on-one meetings offering the

10 Tips For the Best One-On-One Meetings