8 Important Leadership Qualities of Followers

By David McCuistion

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Anyone can develop leadership qualities and traits.

It is often taken for granted that leadership is about leaders who are leading followers in the organization to great heights of achievements.

What is not seen is the often vitally important leadership of followers as they complete the daily tasks they are assigned to meet organizational visions, missions, and goals.

Many team members, i.e., followers, are carrying the load of leadership in their organization. As such, they exhibit leadership in their actions and behaviors that impact other team players while providing motivation that improves everyone’s performance.

8 Leadership Qualities of Followers

1. Enthusiasm

They come to work happy and cheerful, never letting personal issues affect their performance. Enthusiasm is contagious, providing motivation to others.

2. Set the Example

They model – walk the talk – the organization’s values, never taking shortcuts, compromising personal or team integrity. They know the First Rule is to set the BEST example.

3. Know Their Responsibilities

They are proactive in guiding and teaching team members.

4. Exhibit Leadership PRIDE

They assume a:
Excellence in Everyone

5. Initiative Followers

Don’t wait to be told what has to be done. They seek out those requirements and complete them as part of their own performance without completing the tasks of others in an egotistic manner.

6. Life-long Learners

Leader-Followers thirst for improvement and learning everything they need for their current job and for chances for promotion to increased positions of responsibility.

7. Emotional Awareness

They know the value of establishing strong personal and working relations with everyone. They exhibit self-discipline and control in stressful situations. They understand the value of everyone in the organization, treating others with respect and compassion.

8. Seek to Serve

While they may not be aware of Servant Leadership practices and principles, followers cheerfully serve the needs of the organization and of those with whom they work. They will assist others when necessary, they will put others first, and they will recognize teammates when that affirmation is due.

Leadership Qualities Are Not Exclusive

Followers today seek inclusion in organizational leadership by exhibiting strong and impressive leadership qualities that positively impact others in the organization.

To my way of thinking, leaders exist at every level in every organization, exhibiting several, if not all, of the leadership qualities identified above. Organizational leaders need to be aware of not only the accomplishments of their followers but also their daily work ethics and habits as they provide leadership to others at their level on the team.

Are there leader-followers in your organization?

Are you aware of the performance and contributions that they are making?

What Are Important Leadership Qualities of Followers?

If you have ideas about leadership qualities that might be helpful to readers, share them in the comments section below. Thanks!

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David McCuistion
David McCuistion
David is a retired Naval Officer with extensive leadership and management experience including Officer-in-Charge of a major communication facility, in secondary education teaching leadership, and over five years public speaking on Servant Leadership and organizational development topics.
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