At some point in your career, it’s bound to happen. You end up dealing with a difficult boss. If things get messy and are left unresolved, you are probably butting heads on a consistent basis and eventually you end up hating that person. It’s not a fun place – mentally or physically – to be.

I once worked at a job I dreaded to go to every day because I couldn’t stand the director above me. I liked my work and colleagues, but I got to a point where I couldn’t look at my director anymore. Meanwhile, I felt my self-worth slipping away and a dark cloud hovering indefinitely.

But you have to get through your days until you either:

A) Utilize HR to help resolve the conflict (it is one of their primary job responsibilities)

B) Quit or

C) Get fired

The best thing to do is learn from the experience and move on. Keep a positive and humorous attitude and remember that you are an amazing human being with a lot to offer.

Here are seven positive affirmations to help you through a job break-up:

1. It’s Not Me, It’s You

Just like in any relationship, if it’s not working between the two parties, it’s probably time to break up. You might even find yourself saying things like, ‘I no longer find you attractive.’ ’ You don’t make me happy’. ‘You don’t treat me right’.

But as with any decent break-up, don’t be vindictive. Respect yourself enough to know that life goes on, so don’t burn any bridges on the way out.

2. You Got This

You will be able to find another job. It is not worth sacrificing your sanity and self-esteem. Eventually you will look back and wonder why you were so sad and didn’t leave sooner.

3. This Too Shall Pass…

So if you don’t got this (see #2), always fall back onto the phrase “This too shall pass…”. This reminds you that everything is temporary. Any time someone is dealing with a difficult chapter in their life, you’ll hear this. And it’s totally true.

Nothing is permanent. Not even the sinking feeling that you’ll never find another high-paying job.

4. Be Kind

Be kind to yourself and your co workers, even if you feel the world is crashing down. Don’t take it out on them. Don’t tell your boss you hate them. Negativity is not productive. It’s not your fault that your boss has a lack of emotional intelligence. Avoid putting yourself in a troublesome situation.

5. Better Days Are Ahead

What are you waiting for? Go travel, have fun, become a freelance writer, go back to college, feed your soul, get creative, exercise. Take some time for yourself for a while. You’ll find the sun is shining a little brighter than it was when you worked in a soul-crushing environment.

6. Money Can’t Buy Happiness, But it Can Help

Make sure you have saved some money so you are able to get by until you land your dream job. Remember, all the money in the world can’t buy you happiness …or good hair (Donald Trump).

7. You’re Pretty Awesome

Please love yourself. Don’t surround yourself with joy killers. You haven’t gotten this far in life, while managing to stay out of the gutter, just to forget that another employer would be truly lucky to have you. Stay focused on your needs and remember that you are smart.

How Do You Move On From a Difficult Boss or Job?

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Melissa Davidson
Melissa Davidson is a freelance writer and social media marketer with a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Montana. She has worked for several publications throughout the West and currently focuses on health, wellness and social issues. She and her dog, Romeo, can be found running and riding in the mountains on any given day throughout the year.